Author: Veronica


Rest is good. And there’s never a bad time to open up God’s Word and dig in. But I have a tendency to rest too much and a habit of always reading and very seldom ever doing. I have two devotional books that I use during the day. One for home and one for work. […]


It’s time for another giveaway!!! You can enter by going over to the Facebook page and liking and commenting on the giveaway post OR simply comment on this post. I’ll make sure your name is entered! Winner will be announced on Monday, October 21st.

Responsibly Free

I wonder how many of us would connect responsibilities with freedom. I have a responsibility to pay my bills, go to work, feed my family. While there are many other smaller responsibilities, those three alone take up a huge portion of my time. And that doesn’t always leave behind the feeling of freedom. And that […]

Deep Waters

We’ve all been there. Some more than others. Those times when life seems like a constant struggle to keep our head above water. And the more we fight the current and waves the more tempting it gets to just give up and sink. We look around and it seems like everyone else has made it […]


Hey guys! Meet the winner of GO{LOVE}YOURSELF’s very first giveaway.😊 This woman is such an inspiration to me! I met Ash seven years ago when we were both working for the same company. She instantly became someone whom I love dearly. Over the years, we’ve both walked with each other through some very rough times. […]