What’s on YOUR list?

The kid and I checking off one thing on my list. KAYAKING!! Such a fun day!

I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS busy!


And it can be really tempting to just get into a groove and go with the flow.

We wake up one day and realize a big portion of our lives has passed us by and we have no idea how we got to where we are.

I’m such a big advocate for intentional living. But it hasn’t always been that way.

The Bible tells us to be alert! Because our enemy, Satan, is on the prowl. He’s looking for that weak and distracted person in the flock to destroy.

And honestly, I’ve been that weak and distracted person. A LOT.

I was constantly saying how I wanted to do this or try that. I had all these dreams, but it never seemed to work out. And by work out, I mean it never seemed to fall into my lap.

Y’all, for years, I took that to mean that God had forgotten me. That He was overlooking me and ignoring my prayers.

But that wasn’t true.

What it really meant was I was too afraid (and lazy) to actually try anything different. To look around, decide what I wanted and then start working towards that.

In all fairness and honesty, we all know that just because we want something and work for something doesn’t mean we’ll get it. (We can say it. We’re all adults here.)

But sometimes when we start moving towards that life that we want, God has a way of opening doors that we never imagined were available to us.

We find ourselves in a completely different place than we thought… AND WE ARE ACTUALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT!

But all of that takes movement, faith and prayer.

Midyear of 2019, I sat down and wrote out a list of 10 things that I wanted to do. Whether it was something new I wanted to try, a habit I wanted to acquire, or an activity I wanted to complete.

Only 6 months later, some of those things no longer appeal to me. But some of those things call to me even more.

And it doesn’t mean I’m flaky or wishy-washy. It just means that I started trying some things and some just weren’t what I thought they’d be.

And I don’t feel bad about that. I started checking things off my list. And I’m pretty proud of myself.

And even more, I’m so incredibly thankful to God. He opened my eyes to the fact that life is fleeting and precious. And He never intended for us to barely survive. To just slide in bed at the end of every day glad to see it end and already fretting the coming morning.
He didn’t have to show me all that. He could have left me right in my pity party of perceived abandonment and loneliness.

He has a plan for us. Yes, even you. Especially you.

And what greater way to spend this life than glorifying Him every moment in the way we choose to spend our thoughts and energies.

Let me encourage you to make the list today. Don’t be tied to the outcome. Some of it you may not get to. But make it anyways. Add all your fun stuff. Your hard stuff. Your scary stuff.

Pray over it and then start working towards those things that are on your heart.
And when it seems tough or impossible, let that draw you to Him. Because that’s the point!
He gives us dreams bigger than we could ever accomplish on our own to remind us to run to Him. To look to Him for strength, courage, peace, guidance.

Today is the best day for you to start because today is the day you have!

So, tell me… what’s on your list?

Now go do it! And don’t forget to take pictures!

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