In the shadow of your wings, I will sing for joy.

Shadows can be dark. And shadows can be cold.

But the shadow of a tree can offer a respite from the glaring heat of the sun above.

In life we can look around and see those that are laughing and running in the sun. Enjoying their best life.

And it can kinda feel like we’re missing out sitting in our cool and dark place.

We can start to feel like we’ve messed up, like we took the wrong turn somewhere, like we’ve been forgotten.

Sometimes dark places can be scary. They can be hard. They can be places where we learn to overcome and live braver.

But sometimes our dark places are simply made for us to rest. To take a break.

Sometimes our dark places aren’t a cloud of despair hovering over us threatening to hold us hostage. But simply the wings of our Lord covering us. Giving us rest until it’s time to step back out into the sun, or the storm and keep moving forward

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