GO{LOVE}YOURSELF was birthed out of the almost desperate desire to reach out and take the hands of the millions of women who struggle every day with depression, anxiety, fear and regret.

Maybe you’re one of those women. Over and over again, you let those struggles keep you from making the best choices for your life.

I’m no expert on life. Honestly, I could probably be the poster child for self-sabotage. Out of all the ways I’ve been wronged in my life, the worst and most often times were by my own doings.

I’ve put myself down more than everyone else combined. I’ve doubted my abilities, my strengths, my goodness, my salvation. All in the name of self-preservation, I’ve screwed myself right out of every good thing that I could.

But God is gracious. And sometimes, He’d give something wonderful without me even realizing it. And I didn’t have time to fight back or figure out a way to mess it up.

Unfortunately, instead of letting that marvelous grace push me closer to God. I often let it be the very reason why I stood at a distance.

I realized what I was missing out on. And I became angry and bitter with God for not giving me every good thing that same way. You know, the easy way.

I reminded of a very favorite quote from Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis:

Things never happen the same way twice, dear one.

If you’ve ever read the book, you know that the reason things couldn’t happen the same way as before was because the children had grown. They weren’t the same people they were before. And the lessons they needed to learn were different.

We all agree that the most important thing to accept is the fact that God loves us. And that indeed, so much does He love us He sent His Son to die for our sins. We can love ourselves to the moon and back but without the love of Christ it means nothing.

But until we learn to love ourselves, we will constantly find ourselves fighting the love given by others. And I believe that is one very important reason the Lord doesn’t just pamper and placate us. He wants us to learn we can, we are, and we will!

This isn’t new age mentality. This isn’t a look-out-for-number-one kinda idea. This is as simple (and as complicated) as understanding who we are in Christ and how that makes us worthy of even our own love.

If you understand biblical love, then you know that love is sacrifice. How ever you want to slice it, it’s tough. In the trenches of life, love seldom comes with warm and fuzzy feelings. It’s why we are stingy with our love- especially with ourselves.

We think we’re unworthy so we’re not willing to make the sacrifice to love ourselves.

It’s my prayer, my passion that this be a place where we can sort those things out. Because going it alone is tough and confusing. It’s why God’s Word tells us to seek out a wise counsel.

The only thing that qualifies GLY as wise is Jesus’s blood, God’s grace and a lot of learning life the hard way. But you’d be hard pressed to find better credentials.

We can grow together. So I hope you join me again. You can subscribe to be notified of new posts and even follow us on Facebook.

I hope to see you soon!

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